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The successful operation of your plant depends on the quality of maintenance. Administrating about 220 power plants we know from experience what is important for a smooth and profitable plant operation. Benefit from this particular know-how!

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Regular professional maintenance of your PV system guarantees you long-term high yields and safeguards any claims made under warranty. Our maintenance concept offers you a broad range of services: We check the correct operation of your power plant continuously and regularly examine its performance on site. In case of failure we analyse and fix appearing defects immediately and claim damages for you where possible.

Advantages for you:

  • Maintain operational safety and functionality
  • Automated information system
  • Safeguard warranty claims
  • Guarantee proof for insurance purposes
  • Secure sustainably high yields
  • 20 kV switch authorisation

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System monitoring

Monitoring or remote monitoring is essential to ensure long-term yields of power generation systems. Different analytical methods are used alongside the standard producer-dependent error messages to detect operation failures in power plants. This method makes us determine defects more precisely and solve problems faster. Another special feature is the dynamic barrier that adapts to the day-to-day situation depending on the level of earnings. This allows precise monitoring all year round!

Advantages for you:

  • Yield security through system monitoring and alerts
  • Clear preparation of yield and system data
  • Data request via internet anytime and anywhere
  • Up-to-date information about electricity generation
  • Quick alerts about possible failures and their remedies
  • Internet portal "energie.portal" included
  • Data transfer from existing monitoring systems
  • Retrofitting of own hardware/ data loggers to provide monitoring functionality

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Energy monitoring

The concept of energy monitoring means providing both a visualization of energy consumption and the means to control power distribution depending on the time of day. Energy monitoring can be employed wherever energy is used, especially where large amounts of energy are needed for production and supply, for instance in data centers, communities, commercial properties or office complexes. Our energy monitoring allows easy identification of energy losses and makes it easy to optimize energy production and processes. In addition, it is possible to make sav-ings by decreasing the peak load (power control), which in turn reduces the service price paid to the energy supplier.

Advantages for you:

  • Visualization of your energy consumption
  • Knowledge and control of specific energy consumption
  • Allocation of consumption to individual cost centers
  • Optimization of energy supply and resulting reduction of costs

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With the help of thermography, a wide range of faults in recently built and older sys-tems can be identified quickly and reliably. Power generating systems do not even have to be switched off for the thermal analysis to be carried out. Cracks, glass breakage, moisture penetration, faulty cabling and partial or complete failure of the modules make up part of the examination. As well as thermal analysis of your modules, any other electrical systems, particularly components that bear voltage, can be evaluated. That makes it possible to prevent complete failures and other incidents such as fires.

Advantages for you:

  • Assessment without the need to shut down plants
  • Efficient evaluation of optimization potential
  • Proof of cracks, faulty cabling, (partial) failure of modules and
  • assembly errors
  • Prevention of damage through spotting poor contact points within the power distribution due to age, a lack of maintenance or defective assembly

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Performance check

The aim of our performance check is to compare the current state of your PV system with expected values. With the help of the collected data we analyze the functional performance of your system and discover possible yield-reducing factors. With the data gathered and any shortcomings that are discovered, we draw up a set of actions and, on request, optimize your system through tailored improvement measures.

Advantages for you:

  • Independent and well-founded opinion on the state of your PV system
  • Approved assessment for potential warranty claims
  • Security for owners, operators, investors and insurers
  • Potential improvement of performance and additional yields thanks to effective optimization measures
  • Experienced partner in the field of photovoltaics

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